Lexington Park Façade and Streetscape
Improvement Program

Program Description

The intent of the Lexington Park Façade and Streetscape Improvement Program is to create a positive visual impact, stimulate private investment, improve actual and perceived safety, and complement public community revitalization efforts in the historic commercial core of Lexington Park, delineated in the Lexington Park Master Plan as the "Downtown" and "Great Mills Corridor." The Lexington Park Façade and Streetscape Improvement Program will reimburse a portion of the expenses incurred by commercial property and/or business owners who complete projects that rehabilitate their buildings, storefronts, and/or the streetscapes located adjacent to their buildings and businesses. The funding for this program is provided to the County through a Community Legacy grant from Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

Program Goals

  1. Revitalize and improve the appearance of commercial areas to positively impact the aesthetics, marketability, and perception of the Façade and Streetscape Grant Area within Lexington Park.
  2. Activate the Lexington Park business environment by improving the pedestrian experience.
  3. Stimulate private investment, while at the same time encouraging a higher level of quality and design of retail, commercial and professional storefronts, and streetscapes.

Please read the Program Guidelines before starting and submitting your application.

Applications for projects may be submitted either by the owner of the property OR by owners of businesses (with the property/building owner’s permission) in the grant area.

The grant is limited to one application per address per calendar year. Submission of an incomplete or inaccurate application may result in ineligibility for funding. Complete and eligible applications will be ranked using the points system outlined in the Review Committee & Scoring Criteria.

Application Instructions

Before Applying:

  1. Location – ensure the property is located within the Façade and Streetscape Grant Area (Map)
  2. Scope of Work – confirm the proposed work aligns with eligible reimbursement projects (Program Guidelines)
  3. Cost – get estimates from licensed and insured contractors
  4. Reimbursement Amount – identify requested amount for reimbursement (50% of project cost, maximum reimbursement of $6,000)
  5. Gather Required Documents – review the SAMPLE APPLICATION and compile all required documentation

Apply Now

You will not be able to save the application and return later. Please ensure you have all the required information and documents ready prior to submission. To review a sample application, CLICK HERE.

For questions concerning the application process, please send an email to lee.greely@stmaryscountymd.gov or call 240-538-2744.