St Mary's Economic Development Team

It takes a talented and dedicated group to help guide and support all of the activity here in St Mary's County.
The staff of Economic Development is available to answer questions, assist with site selection identify resources and find solutions to growing or locating a business in St Mary's County.

Chris Kaselemis profile picture

Chris Kaselemis, AICP
Office: 301-475-4200 x71405
Mobile : 240-538-8948

Kellie Hinkle profile picture

Kellie Hinkle
Deputy Director
Office 301-475-4200 x71407
Mobile: 240-925-7178

Katherine Stormont profile picture

Katherine Stormont
Economic Development Specialist
Business Attraction & AeroPark Development
Office: 301-475-4200 x71406
Mobile: 240-587-8156

Lisa Ledman profile picture

Lisa Ledman
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 240-309-4021

Lee Greely profile picture

Lee Greely
Economic Development Specialist
Business Retention & Expansion
Office: 301-475-4200 x71401
Mobile: 240-538-2744

Ben Cohen profile picture

Ben Cohen, CFM
Development Facilitator
Office: 301-475-4200 x71409
Mobile: 240-496-9373

Priscilla Leitch profile picture

Priscilla Wentworth Leitch
Manager, Agriculture, and Seafood Division
Office: 240-309-4022
Mobile: 240-561-6933

Emily Lacey profile picture

Emily Lacey
Economic Development Specialist
Agriculture, Seafood & Small Business
Office: 301-475-4200 x71547
Mobile: 240-717-9733

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