Agriculture and Aquaculture

Targeted Industries

A Growing Economy

St. Mary’s County’s agriculture and aquaculture heritage runs deep.

Preserving the County’s rural character is part of the County’s mission. This means that St. Mary’s County is a very advantageous place to be farmer, whether in agriculture or aquaculture.

Why farm in St. Mary’s County:

  • Proximity to larger markets of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, and Richmond
  • A local market that is high-income and thirsty for fresh, local foods
  • Strong farm economy has created distribution outlets such as
    • the Regional Agriculture Facility for meat processing (open by 2021)
    • one of two USDA-approved slaughterhouses in the County
    • the Loveville Produce Auction
    • 3 County-run farmers markets
    • Numerous private farm stands and markets
  • Excellent growing conditions
  • Farm-friendly regulations and community

Farm Data

Farm Revenue

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