Aviation & Aircraft Modification

Cleared for Takeoff

St. Mary's County's is propelling aviation innovators, testers, manufacturers and researchers:

  • Close to the nation's capital and policy makers.
  • Beyond D.C.'s restricted airspace with access to ideal flying and testing conditions.
  • Home to a one-of-a-kind research and development facility in NAS Patuxent River.

Aviation-related companies, from startup to large-scale, are well-positioned for success in St. Mary's County. At the center of this success is the AeroPark Innovation District, where aviation and aircraft modification can be commercialized and tested and the aviation industry can soar. Companies have access and proximity to NAS PAX River's world class research and development facilities, in addition to St. Mary's County Regional Airport.

Quick Facts/Rankings:

  • St. Mary’s County Regional Airport is the fastest growing General Aviation airport in Maryland.

  • Highest Concentration of Tech Workers in the Country

  • More Aerospace engineers per capita than anywhere else in the country

  • The MOST aerospace engineers in the DC region

  • Highest percentage of STEM jobs in the country

  • Industry’s most common occupations:

    • Aerospace engineers
    • Aircraft mechanics & service technicians
    • Computer system analysts
    • Software developers
    • Electronics engineers

Notable Employers:

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