Advocacy for Agriculture, Seafood & Forestry Industries

The Agriculture and Seafood Division staff works strategically at state, regional, and local levels to formulate, influence and implement comprehensive programs that support the County’s farmers and watermen. This work includes:

  • Continued implementation of projects and special programs to educate students and the public of the significance of the county’s agriculture and seafood industries.
  • developing and distributing informational material;
  • participating in legislation, funding and program development;
  • collaborating in efforts to stabilize and diversify the County’s agriculture and seafood industries;
  • expanding local producer access to local and regional markets;
  • assisting businesses and individuals understand and meet regulatory requirements;
  • consulting with state and local regulatory agencies to accommodate new and expanding value-added and agritourism, streamline permitting, and assure protection of rural land base and rural character; and
  • coordinating, tracking, and providing administrative support for land preservation programs necessary to retain agriculture, seafood, and forestry as viable economic sectors in the county.