Assistance to Producers & Vendors

The Agriculture and Seafood Division works to:

  • Keep producers and vendors informed about programs, loans and grants that are available to support their operations
  • Assist on a case-by-case basis those who grow and harvest agricultural or seafood products
    • Direct owners to appropriate agencies to address questions and technical issues
    • Help producers with documentation and labeling for regulatory compliance
  • Sponsor and promote workshops and meetings that:
    • Address production and marketing concerns,
    • Assist businesses and individuals understand and meet regulatory requirements
    • Provide training regarding best practices (such as low-input agriculture, irrigation, pest management) or specialized activities (like hog farming, aquaculture and timber management), and
    • Offer certifications and training for production of value-added products.
  • Seek grants and funding to support county goals for growing the local agriculture, seafood and forestry economy